Flower Placement Policy

Fresh Cut and Artificial Flowers maybe placed in approved cemetery vases throughout the year.  We ask that you remove fresh flowers within 2 weeks of their placement.  Please maintain artificial flowers that may become frail or deteriorate.

Please Remember…

  • No fences or borders of flowers, rocks, wood, metal, concrete etc…
  • No park benches, chairs, stools, or statues etc…
  • No toys, except as an integral part of an arrangement
  • No wind chimes , bells, banners, flags or other ornamentation may be placed in trees, on poles, on stands or in planting beds
  • No digging or planting
  • No loose objects placed on the grave or marker
  • No food, drink or picnicking except in the pavilion area
  • No glass objects, including vases
  • Keep roadways open for other visitors

Arwine Cemetery Association (ACA)

The Arwine Cemetery Association (ACA) board members have a yearly meeting pertaining to cemetery rules and guidelines. We try to accommodate the changing times, discuss various options and what is accepted by the voting body. Overall, we strive to keep the aesthetics of the cemetery clean and presentable to all. If you have a request, contact us so it can be presented to the entire board for discussion. We appreciate each and everyone who gives and takes part in keeping the cemetery clean.  We invite all relatives to attend our meetings and work days and if you know of someone who would like to serve on the board please email [email protected] 

Burial Permission

Below is a brief explanation of the Burial Permission Policies. You will need to contact us for additional information.

  • The land was given by Daniel and Julia Arwine when the community was small and most of the families were related by blood or marriage.
  • The management of the Cemetery is provided by interest received from gifts made by descendants of these original settlers.
  • It is not a public cemetery since the Charter does not empower the directors to sell lots, and it is a “Not for Profit” organization.
  • There are only a few spaces remaining and these are reserved for families of the supporting members of the Association.
  • Under the Charter of the Arwine Cemetery Association, the directors have the sole right to determine interment. The right is by permit only.
  • There is no guarantee of a burial plot and “proof of kinship” maybe required and the final decision is at the discretion of the ACA Board.

Arwine Anderson Family Book

Please click here Anderson_Arwine_Family_Book_1 for this book.  It was put together om 1996 and we are sure there are updates.  If you have any please email to [email protected] and we can update the book accordingly.

This book is a compilation of stories of the Jim and Hattie Arwine Anderson Family. Daniel and Julia Arwine, early settlers in Hurst, provide the beginning of a rich heritage of their offspring, many of which remain in the Mid-Cities area. The story begins in 1865 when Daniel and Julia Arwine brought their family to Hurst, in a covered wagon from Indiana. Contained in the book are also stories of the early history of the descendants of Jim Anderson. It is the attempt of the family descendants to present our family from early pioneer life in Hurst, as well as to capture a bit of the life in the fast lane of the nineties. It is with a debt of love and gratitude to the family members who have contributed pictures and stories to make this undertaking possible.

General Information

  • Is Arwine Cemetery open to the general public for burials?
    • Answer: No, The Arwine Cemetery is only open to the decedents of the Pioneer families buried there.
  • Who can be buried here?
    • Answer: Spaces are limited at the Arwine Cemetery. A burial must be approved by a descendant of the Pioneer family. More importantly, there must be an available space allocated to that family. View the Burial Permission Page here.
  • What are the fees or costs to be buried here?
    • Answer: There is a $1000 fee for Arwine Cemetery Association for Administrative expenses. There is also a $200 deposit (included with the $1,000 amount above) if a permanent marker is not present, which is refunded after a permanent marker is installed. We ask that the permanent marker be in place within 6 months of the burial. If a marker is already in place, we ask that the inscription be updated within 6 months.
  • Who cares for the Cemetery?
    • Answer: The Arwine Cemetery is cared for by the Arwine Cemetery Association (organized 1975), and funded by donations and small burial fees.
  • Is there a Perpetual Fund?
    • Answer: The Arwine Cemetery Association manages donations in the cemetery’s Perpetual Fund, which is audited annually.
  • Why do I need to notify the Arwine Cemetery Association of a burial?
    • Answer: In order to keep the plat of the cemetery up-to-date it is important that we know who, when, and where a loved one is buried. Many of the old markers no longer show who is buried, making the accuracy of our plat map very important for historical reasons.
  • Who provides the grave markers?
    • Answer: Families of the deceased are required to provide a permanent grave marker within 6 months of the burial, if there is no existing marker.
  • What is the policy on cremation remains (cremains)?
    • Answers: All cremation burials require a permanent marker. This is required so that the life of the deceased is permanently honored.
  • Can I leave plants, flowers; flags at my loved-one’s grave?
    • Answer: It is the responsibility of the family to remove any tribute left at the grave site that becomes weathered and unsightly. Glass or other breakable containers are not permitted as they become a hazard for the crews who maintain the grounds. It is also the family’s responsibility to discard withered flowers left after a memorial service. View the Flower Placement Policy here.
  • How can I have questions answered that are not shown here?
  • Can I bury more than one, in my plot?
    • Answers: Stacking at Arwine Cemetery is allowed, provided that this is planned for, before the first burial occurs.
  • How can I contribute to the perpetual fund?
    • Answers: Donations are gratefully accepted and can be done on-line here or sent to:
  • Arwine Cemetery Association
    • Traci Wheeler-Hall, Treasurer 3613 Harber Dr. Bedford, Texas 76021
  • What are the Cemetery’s visiting hours?
    • Answer: Any time during the daylight hours. Although the vehicle gates remain locked, a pedestrian gate will always be open.
  •  I have historic information (photos, memorabilia, etc.) I would like to donate. Who do I contact?
  • I know of on-line, information that relates to Arwine Cemetery. Who do I contact?
  • How important is it to have my mailing address on file with the Arwine Cemetery Association?
    • Answer: Information is mailed regularly to all folks on the Arwine Cemetery Association mailing list. Please help us keep this list up-to-date.
  • Help us Help you!  
    • If you are a relative of the family please contact us so we can keep you informed of activities.