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Kristin Hinton Remembers - Sept. 2022

My 4th great-grandpa traveled in a 17 wagon caravan from Brown County, Indiana to Tarrant County, Texas in 1880.  He left with Sextons, Arwines, Robertsons, and more.  His wife was my 4th great-grandma, Sarah (Arwine) Sexton.  She was Daniel Arwine’s sister and returned to Indiana after Enoch’s death.  Their daughter Mary Jane was already married in Indiana (and so she stayed behind) when they left for Texas, and she is my 3rd great-grandma. I traveled from central Indiana to Texas on Sept 9th to visit a friend in Ft Worth.  I feel so blessed to have gotten to visit Arwine Cemetery and honor the families that helped form me–if they hadn’t thrived and survived I wouldn’t exist!  So please accept my donation in Enoch Sexton’s honor.  Thank you for the upkeep of this beautiful place. Truly yours, Kristin Hinton

A Family Legacy - Katie Arwine

Here is an article called Arwine A Family Legacy by Lu Spurlock stating the origin of the Arwine Cemetery in Katie’s own words.